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FX Strategies Signals

Hi and welcome to my educational website.


Are you also infected with the trading virus?

We might be in the same boat, you and me. I started trading in the early 2000 and ever since enjoyed what i thought could be the big way to freedom.
Just after a while i realized that making constantly profits in the markets seems to be very tricky. Why that? Well, our human behavior is not made for trading and mastering this will take you much much time!
After a few years of losing i achieved one goal. NOT losing money any more in the markets. And YOU can do that, too!
Now for some years i achieve what others' can't: Making constant profits.


What is my service about?

I am offering educational videos, webinars and trade signals, so that everyone can learn and become mentally as free as i am but in a much shorter way. You don't need to go through all that painful time, when your losing trades mentally kill you. Come and join me on my way to making profitable trades in the markets.


Logging in

Sign Up to my website and instantly you can follow me and my trades. Promise! You will get updates on every trade i take and will be able to "look over my shoulder" and see how i trade. If i can do it, YOU can do it, too!


Creating a trading strategy

Most traders struggle already with the first steps: Trying a few trades here and there and after a while giving up. Then they switch strategies and try something new, which might be the "holy grail"... You should not do that! Of course i also don't have the master idea but i simply follow the waves in the markets. Stay with your strategy and for sure you can also make money in the markets. Simply just follow my trades and instantly you will be in the PRO-group, no false projections here, all my trades can be verified...


My typical trading day

I will post daily updates on open positions, will upload videos on my trading ideas and educational footage as well. To instantly follow my trading you will be notified via Twitter in REAL TIME. Typically i open new positions during the european time zone and when the US markets opens. Also we have great webinars during news events to take some nice trading action!


What else can i do for you?

Any questions? Contact me and let's have a Skype conference and i will show you how it works. Don't hesitate, if i were you, i would have many questions, i'd like to have answered.

Happy to hear from you and always Happy Trading!